Jer and Tara visit the Burg

My brother Jeremy and his wife Taralynn came to Rexburg and stayed with us for a couple of days. It was so fun because I hardly ever get to see my family and when I do get to see them, so it is normally in Kentucky when I do. It was nice having them come and stay in our home and feed them. Tara and I went out one day and got a pedicure too! That was a nice break!

Here they are driving away...we miss you already!

Girls will be girls

Just hangin out in mom and dad's bed
Here is a video of Cambrie doing Simba. She is so cute. At first, she would start to cry when Rhett would stop doing it. At the end she just would cry no matter what.

Bath Towels

Just a quick thing, I went to my neighbors enrichment super saturday and was able to make some hooded towels for the girls for bathtime.

Kenise and Gabbie love them! The towels are so soft and so big! We have been using these hooded towels from Walmart, but something enevitably is always hanging out, a rear end, or chest or something.

Cambrie is wondering where her towel is?

FHE with Clint and Tanell

For FHE a couple of weeks ago, we made scarecrows with Clint and Tanell, some friends from our ward. It was a lot of fun. Tanell and I made the scarecrows while Clint and Will watched our new babies, Ellie and Cambrie, and the toddlers all played together, Cason, Gabbie and Kensie.

Our camera batteries died, so we were only able to get two pics, but Tanell took more so I will get more pics from her.

The Closet

This is another little project that I did a couple of months ago. I actually post these projects for my sister Alishia to see, and two because I am going to make a journal with my blog....So sorry for all the project posts!

The idea for the closet was mine, and with the help of Will and our wonderful friend Rhett Warren, it was able to be completed! It is so fun. I love it because it is very organized, asthetically pleasing and it helps so that my children don't get overstimulated. They are allowed to play with one bin at a time of toys, and when they are done with that bin, they can clean their toys up, put the bin back and take out another if they would like...good idea, hopefully we can enforce the rule more soon.
We put in an extra clothes rod and shelf for shoes. Then, on the other side we added two extra shelves so that we could put the girls toys on those.

Kensie attacks again...

Kensie loves lotion. She wants to put lotion on all the time. And she wants to put lotion on other people, like mommy and Cambrie and Gabbie. Well, we have two lotion bottles in our master bedroom and one baby lotion bottle in the twins room. I went upstairs the other day, and I found Kensie, with all three bottles at our computer desk putting on lotion! She had gobs of it in her hands, and it was all over the computer seat. This unfortunatley was the only picture that I took from this event. This is not the first time that she had done this and it won't be the last. :)


The Red Iguana

For conference weekend, we went to Salt Lake. John and Skylar, Will's mom and dad, came up and paid for everything because Will worked while we were down there. I need to get pics from Skylar's camera because she has a lot more on there, but these are some pics of the last day that we were down there. We went to eat at "The Red Iguana", an amazing authentic restaraunt. Gabbie is not in a very good mood, she was extremely tired and hungry, but wouldn't eat a thing. They both just wanted to run around, climb all over their uncle John john and wear their Nonnie's sun glasses.

Matilda, Big John, John john and Kensie

Movie star!

Gab, about ready to start crying because she wants a turn with the sun glasses...

There you go Gabbie, good things come to those who wait.



So, I am getting very frustrated with my little children and need some advice...I am going to try to wheen them from their cribs and put them into big girl beds. Why do you ask? Well here is the incriminating evidence.
Everytime lately that they have been going down for nap lately, it takes them hours to fall asleep. Why? because they are climbing on the side rails of their cribs, taking their diapers and pullups off Kensie climbs on the chest of drawers half naked....
Gabbie turns the lights on and off like at least thirty times...
They open and close the blinds, pull and tear apart the decorations that are on the walls...

So now I have to arrange their cribs in the middle of the room away from everything so that they can't touch anything. Then they jump up an down in their beds cracking up laughing for hours. Seriously. And then all of a sudden, it will get quiet and just when you think they are settling down, you hear over the monitor, Kenise saying to Gabbie, "Dabbie, (that is what she calls her) Dabbie, wake up. Wake up." Or you will here some one crying and then you find a situation like the one below....

If anyone has tips on how to get twins to sleep in beds, please let me know.


Here are some of the projects that I have been doing lately-well, the tables and pillows I did when I was 9 months pregnant, and the FHE chart just this week. I have more projects that I am doing right now and will post them when they are done.

Our old neighbors and really good friends ,Jen and Landon Burrup, gave us this table as kind of a going away present...and I had three other tables that kind of match this one, so i sanded, restained, painted, distressed and restained again this. These are just pics of one of them, my favorite. I love how they turned out.

I made the plaid and floral pillows for our couch.

I have been wanting to do this FHE chart forever! And I finally got it done this week-I am so excited and thrilled about how this turned out too.


We were taking care of our neighbor's garden last week and took some pics of the girls. They are just getting so big, I can't believe it.

It looks like they are hugging and having a great time in this pic but they are really fighting. I think Gabbie started to bite Kensie right after this pic.

Look at my stud! And beautiful Cambrie-she is getting so big too!

Kensie, hiding from mommy. She told me today, "Mom, I'm bored..." I am thinking how do you even know what bored means. She will also tell me when she is scared. Also, we were getting ready to go to a friends house today and I told the girls to go to the door and we would leave. Kensie says, "Momma, which door?" She is so smart!