The Closet

This is another little project that I did a couple of months ago. I actually post these projects for my sister Alishia to see, and two because I am going to make a journal with my blog....So sorry for all the project posts!

The idea for the closet was mine, and with the help of Will and our wonderful friend Rhett Warren, it was able to be completed! It is so fun. I love it because it is very organized, asthetically pleasing and it helps so that my children don't get overstimulated. They are allowed to play with one bin at a time of toys, and when they are done with that bin, they can clean their toys up, put the bin back and take out another if they would like...good idea, hopefully we can enforce the rule more soon.
We put in an extra clothes rod and shelf for shoes. Then, on the other side we added two extra shelves so that we could put the girls toys on those.


Samantha said...

It looks so great! Question: I noticed that the girls have Bumbo seats. I want to get one for Lexi, do you like it? Did the girls enjoy it and use it?

The Burrups said...

hey jess! i just saw that you had posted all these other posts and i think that your blog isn't letting me track updates or something. but anyway i love the closet! you are so organized it makes me want to go and get my kids closet cleaned up!