Black Tie Wedding...playing dress up

It is offical, I am terrible at blogging, I know. But, I am going to keep rollin along. Here is pics from the weekend. We had so much fun. The girls had dresses custon made so they could be flower girls at a friend's wedding. They were gorgeous!
The girls with Sophia, the third flower girl at the rehersal.
With the mama.
Ana Maria made a beautiful bride.

With Julia, Sophia's mom! Front view of my dress.


Modest is always hottest!

Since we have three girls, the issue of modesty comes up a ton. They will point out to people and say, "mom, that is not modest because....(whatever the reason)....but, that is okay if they arewearing it because they don't know." Funny, I know.

Well, knowing they know our standard for modesty, we couldn't have them playing with barbies, or their princesses. I mean lets be honest, when you come across a naked Barbie on the floor, it is a little offensive right?

Well, here is the before:

And the after:

I just used a sharpie and colored a one piece bathing suit. Love the final result! What do you think?


Umm, so about our new baby...

Wow, I actually did give birth a couple months ago. Poor guy, already neglected...

William Bosco Merrifield
8 lb. 4 oz 21 inches long.

Quick story, for journaling purposes...and for anyone else who cares to know. :)
11 days overdue. Went to a movie Sat night. Contractions consistently 5 min apart.
Came home. Went to sleep. Woke up at like 3:30am, getting a little stronger. Went back to sleep till about 5:30am. Got up, started getting ready. Went to hospital at like 8:30am. Contractions 2-3 min apart. Dilated to a five.

By 3:30 pm, still only dilated to a 6. Doc came in with concern. Said fluids were lower than ideal. Wanted to break my water. She sat on the bed, broke the water, stayed on the bed, literally checked my water like 2 min. later and I was dilated to a 7. 4:30-I told Will I felt like I really had to go to the bathroom, like majorly and asked him to go tell the nurses.

He goes out to the desk and says, "Hey, I am going to get something to eat at the cafeteria, but JUST SO YOU KNOW, my wife is in the bathroom, she feels like she has to go, you know, real bad..." Leave it to Will.

The nurse said, "Honey, we do not do water births here!" and comes into the room.
Anyway, I felt an extreme urge to push twice and then it went away...I guess he was getting into position.

Around 5:00 I actually started pushing full on. It took a while, and it was hard. I am not going to lie, it was extremely painful. But I didn't cry or scream or anything. The doctor said that his heart rate was dropping and the last push I did I had to get him out, cause the cord was around his neck. I did...

He wasn't breathing for a little bit, and the nurse said that she wanted us to know he wasn't doing that great, so she handed him to nursery. He was purpley-blue and still wasn't breathing. All I could see was red hair and big hands. Finally, after what seemed like minutes, I heard his cry. I lost it. That was the first time that I was emotional with a birth of one of my children. It was amazing.

Since I heard his first cry, it seems like he hasn't stopped. LOL! Really, he cries all the time. Poor guy. I think he is just hungry or addicted to me...I don't know. I didn't realize I could be so addictive. :)




HaLLowEen and other things

For halloween, I made the twins costumes... Kensie was a cupcake. I saw pics on Potterybarn website and thought I could make it...but a little cuter. I think that I succedd.:) Gabbie wanted to be a pink puppy...hers took literally like 20 minutes, but Kensies took all day. Camo wasn't really anything, she stayed home while we went out to the neighborhood trick or treating.
Here are the twinners with their cousin Hannah the bumble bee.

On a mission

And some more random pics. We woke up one morning to over 30 plastic pink flamingos in the yard, so we took some pics. Kensie was not cooperating.
This picture sums up our lives at this point in time=Camo is a force. She is so strong! She really overpowers the girls at times.
She is getting big...and finally enough hair to clip back.

Think Blue...

Yes, at twenty three weeks, we have finally found out that we are having a boy! WHHOOO HOOO!
Not that I would not have been excited if it was a girl, all our girls offer something different to the family. It is just fun to know that we have at least one of each. :)


I was tagged on facebook...

What are your middle names?
Bomar and Kay

How long have you been together?
Including dating-four years and nine months

How long did you know each other before you started dating?
two seconds...no really about two weeks

Who asked who out?
Will asked muah, although I asked him to kiss me first.

Whose siblings do you see the most?
Wills, especially considering we are living with his mom and dad right now.

Do you have any children together?
haha. yeah, almost four.

What about pets?
No, I couldn't handle anything else in my life right now.

Did you go to the same school?
Yes, and we met THE first day of school...that really through a wrench in all of my player days I wanted to have.

Who is the most sensitive?
It depends. Normally me. That is all I am going to say about that.

Where do you eat out most as a couple?
Well we love this little place called Skylar's kitchen...but we also love Texas Roadhouse.

Where is the furthest you have ever traveled as a couple?
Roadtrip wise-26 hours from Idaho to Texas. Farthest away-Jamaica

Who has the worst temper?
Toss up. I can definetly get fired up, but so can Will...just normally at different things.

Who does the cooking?
ME. Will sticks to oatmeal, cereal, eggs and spaghetti.

Who is more social?
Will, due to me normally being tied down with a baby on my boob, in my stomach or on my hip. :)

Who is the neat freaks?
I like to be organized, but I am in no way a neat freak. Will's idea of being neat is throwing everything away but bare essentials.

Who is the most stubborn?
Can you imagine-we are both very stubborn.

Who hogs the bed?
WILL, and pulls the blankets off, and like smothers me during the night.

Who wakes up earlier?
Will. definetly. he likes to wake up around 5:30 or 6:00.

Where was your first date?
Offical date-Gringo's. Unoffical-DI for like six hours trying on clothes.

Who has the bigger family?
Me. three brothers, one sister, 18 nieces and nephews.

Do you get flowers often?
I would love to. Will is getting better at that because that is my absolute favorite thing to receive.

Who eats more?
Sore subject in our marriage. When we were dating I wanted to eat the same amount as Will and he got really mad at me because I was full and he asked for more and I said "No" because I wanted the leftovers... I can definetly pack down some food, but in my old age :) I have been trying to eat smaller portions.

Who sings better?
Will can't sing, so that would leave me.

Who does the laundry?
Me, although he is very capable.

Who's is better with the computer?
Office stuff like excel-Will. Design-Me

Who drives when you are together?
Right now, me. I get really car sick when preggos. But Will normally.

Who picks where you go to dinner?
Me. Cravings. (Wow, I am just realizing how much pregnancy rules my life.)

Who is the first one to admit when they are wrong?
Lately Will.

Who wears the pants in the relationship?
Will does. But I buy them, wash them and put them on the hanger, so...you know what I am saying. lol. (jk)

Who eats more sweets?

Who cries more?
About real life-me. During movies-Will. Awww!

What's your best day together?
Ever? that is hard...there has been some really good ones. Wedding day, children's birth.

Where did you honeymoon?
Cruise to Cozumel, Caymen, and Jamaica

Favorite date night?
When Will runs a hot bath for me and just lets me soak for a while. Then just hanging out and messing around.

Favorite TV show to watch together?
American Idol!! and BYU football!

Couple I imagine us growing old like?
Well I would love to say Gordon and Marjorie Pay Hinckley but we will never be at that level...Will says the Notebook couple-100%. :)

This was really fun. I tag Alishia, Lezlie, Jen B., Taralynn, Morgan (even though I don't have access to her blog anymore) and anyone else that would like to do this.