Updating our Lives

Alot has happened since the last post! Sorry it has taken forever to update...Without further delay, here is some pics and short summaries to get caught up on our lives.

1. Kensie and Gabbie were really sick twice in December...at the beginning of the month and the end. This is a pic of Gabbie and Kensie when they were really sick. Kensie had a really bad fever and she was real lathargic, her eyes were rolling back in her head. Will was out of town, so I called John John to come and give her a priesthood blessing. He did, and she was feeling better almost instantly. The power of the priesthood.

2. The girls miss our home in Idaho...and all their friends. Here are some pics of them playing with one of their friends, Ryan Rice. Love you RyRy.
The sad thing is is that we don't have pics of any of their other friend, but they are missing so many people....:(

3. They love Nonnie and Poppie though and living in Nonnie and Poppie's home for now.

(Okay so I just realized that it might be easier to update by individuals , so i will do that instead...)