Saturday, in the park....

Wow! i just realized how bad that I am at blogging! Umm, last post was over a year ago. :) So for a quick update. The girls turn two on June 9th. I am due with another girl on July 16th. I am hoping to have natural childbirth, not another c-section...We will see. I took Gabbie off of her hunger stimulant medicine about two months ago and she has been so happy. Eating is still hit and miss, but definetly better than before. Will is taking 19 credits this semester, staying busy with school and trying to help out with the kids as much as he can. I am working about 10 hours a week with a call job form home. Good pay, but it stinks not being able to spend that time with the girls.

Kensie and Gabbie's good friend Carter moved to Arizona this week. Kens seems somewhat depressed. They both ask, "Mom, where Car-car go?" and then they respond, "he went night-night." It is so cute.

We are going to walk to the park and have a picnic with Jeff and Jessica Beck, some of our really good friend. We'll have to take pics and post them for everyone to see.

Okay, I think I don't like to post things on my blog 'cause normally my entries are so boring! Hopefully I will have something more exciting next time. Until then....muuuaah!