Another party....

Skylar was in charge of hosting a baby shower for a close friend over the weekend. She is having a boy. So for the party, she let me do the flower arranging and decorate the table. I am proud of myself because first off, I have only made like 10 flower arrangements ever in my life. And two, everything that I invisioned happening with this arrangement happened. I love it! The food was fabulous, the company terrific...what a great party!


The Next Martha?

Just kidding...but I do wish I could be the next Martha Stewart, that would be so fun.

I saw this idea on Martha's birthday show. The flowers are just shiny cardstock and hotglue. This project was really fun with big results. The flowers are big-probably 10-12 inches. These went on the tables for the girls b-day party.

Skylar is throwing a baby shower on Saturday for a dear friend's daughter. I love the family too, so I decided to hand make the gift. It is a taggie blanket. I love it. I think it turned out really well. Good thing I have extra material just in case I need to make one for a baby boy in the future....


Vote for Cambrie!

HI everyone! Can you do me a favor? I entered this photo in a contest for fun and could win some money and go on to the link below and vote for the pic? That would be awesome! Thanks!


Happy 3rd Birthday!

My girls are THREE!

It has been quite the journey getting here,
and I will have to say, sometimes I thought I would never be at this point in life, with the children doing so well and life as sweet as it is.

My darling angels, I think I have loved you for always and will forever. You light up my life, in so many ways and you bring more love and joy into your mom and dad's heart.
Love, Momma and Papa

Birthday Editing

These are pics that I took of the girls and their daddy yesterday on their third birthday. After taking them, I edited some of of my favs. What do you think?