These are pics from the Easter table that I decorated. And food too. Fun! Fun!


Events and More Events

So the past couple of days, we have actually broken out of our shells and have been able to go and do things, as a couple, with no children. It has been alot of fun. We went to Doug Midkiff's wedding-one of Will's really good friends from growing up.

Lauren Barksdale and her husband and baby were there. She looks amazing and her baby is a doll!

First, we went to a Rangers game with some friends...Ana Marie and Micheal. It was really fun, i think I watched the game like twice because I was talking to Ana the whole time. She is so cute and open. Good girl. And, on top of getting valet parking, and $10 eack ticket, there was also a firework show afterwards. WHOO HOO!


Easter Egg Hunt at the Stockyards

Here is a VERY quick post, will write more later. In no particular order:

There was a huge line of people waiting to get into the petting area. We gave up and just went to the gate and started petting the animals that were by the gate. That was not Kensie's idea of a good time. She went and snuck in the gate by herself and was able to be with the animals-that dirty rat!

Hangin around

This goose was mad at everyone-it was honking and looked like it was going to attack someone. Kens thought nothing of it, started chasing it around, laughing!

Horrible pic of me, I no, but good of Camo and Will. I was half sick.

With cousin Dallin at petting zoo area.

Gab loved the ponies

The girls in the quad stroller!

Doll Face