Might just about loose it....:)

So, Will left on Thursday and will be gone for two weeks to Texas. He is working for his dad and has been for this past semester. Since he has been gone, I have had the house pretty under control and almost clean. But, Sundays are really hard-getting the kids ready, snacks and the Sunday bag, myself ready...and trying to be on time.

Church actually wasn't even bad once I got there. The girls were pretty well behaved, Cambrie slept or kept quiet the whole sacrament meeting. We sat by ourselves, I was so proud of them! I think they did good in nursery too, they normally do. The only complaint that I ever hear about them is that the boys in nursery kind of beat up on them. :( Oh well, they can defend themselves, they are just trying to be ladies!

Some things that have happened since Will left:

I ask people if I can take their kid and bring them to make my life easier. Sometimes more is better. This is G & K's friend Ryder. He came over to play and while he was here I was able to mop the floor, vaccuum, do the dishes, and clean my room! Amazing! Kensie and Gabbie decided they wanted to put makeup on themselves. I think they did a great job. What do you think?
Cambrie is officially in 6 month old clothes! Well, at least a couple of outfits! You grow girl!

Gabbie and Kensie learned to share Cambrie's toys with her. They say "Mom, look, I sharing wiif Cambie!" (These photos are not posed, they just crawled in there with her...precious)


I'm actually popular!

Okay, I am so excited because I have always wanted to be tagged and I was actually tagged twice to write 7 weird or quirky things about me.  Well, personally I think I am just about perfect :). Just kidding, I am so weird so this will be easy....

1. Microwaving food-I can't microwave food. Everytime I do I burn it, or overcook it. Will always makes fun of me for that.

2. Sundays-Okay, you are going to here this alot, but Will makes fun of me for this as well. We set the girl's clothes out for Sundays and we are supposed to set our clothes out as well.  I tell Will that my body changes overnight and I never know how my clothes will fit or what size I will be in the morning. He thinks I am crazy but it is true, my body looks different in clothes at night than it does in the morning.

3.  Refrigerator-So I am a little weird about my refrigerator. I clean it at least once a month. I also have different sections that everthing goes into so that I can find everything very quickly...condiments for sanwiches in one shelf, dressings for salads on another, sauces in one, etc, etc...

4.   Smacking-I hate it when people smack their gum. It drives me crazy. It reminds me of chicken frying...It really grosses me out and I loose all concentration.

5.  You can do it-I see something that is really cute, and I say to myself, "I could make that". I do that to everthing just about. I think that I can make anything, if I had the time and the right tools.

6.  Food-Childhood scar, I know, but I really don't like it when Will starts eating off my plate. Especially if there is a lot of leftovers that he could eat instead, but for some reason he just wants to eat off my plate because it is right there in front of him. I just like knowing that I dished out a certain amount of food on my plate and that is the amount that I should eat. Sometimes when he tries to take some of my food I want to stab his hand with my fork...I know, I need anger management classes, what can I say?

7.  I walk with my head to the side almost all the time...especially if I am deep in thought. Will says it is really funny.

Okay, I think that I am supposed to tag three people so I choose Alishia, Jessica Beck and Taryn...


Redoing the Entertainment Center

So, I bought this entertainment center about 6 months ago on Craig's list for$120.00. It was exactly what I was looking for-I just really needed a little bit more storage space. Here are some before and after shots...
AFTER! I love it and am very pleased with how it turned out...one thing that I still have to do is get some custom made doors to put over the tv and vcr area so that it doesn't show it that much.

AFTER! with the help of a friend, Rhett Warren, I pulled off the existing back panel and put in some Wainscotting board, roughed it up and stained it just to really be able to showcase the decorations that I will be putting it there....(i actually got the idea from Jen Burrups entertainment center that they bought)
AFTER! Roughed it up a bit. I like it roughed up so that if and when the kids dink it or something, I don't get mad or anything, it just adds to the art that is already there.

Halloween Decor

Here is some decorations that we had up at our house....
The scarecrow we made at FHE...

HaLLoWEen!!! OooOOhHHh!

Halloween time is so much fun to me. It is definetly one of my favorite times of year. Everything about it-the smell of jack-o-lanterns, leaves changing colors, raking up leaves and jumping into them, weather changing, all of the decorations, candy corn, trick or treating, hanging out with friends, going to parties, throwing parties,being able to dress up as someone else, making halloween crafts, and more and more....

This year we went to our ward trunk or treat, that was actually in the gym (they were afraid it would be too cold to have it outside). I made the girls and my costumes...The twins wore poodle skirts, Cambrie was a Pink Lady-like off Grease, I was a 50's waitress, and will was "James Dean". Here is a close up of Cambrie's outfit, leather pants and all!

This is the only close up that I have of Gabbie with her poodle skirt. I didn't get any of Kensie.The twins took their hair out and pooddle skirts off twice before we got out the door to go to the party, so their hair is a little wacked.

The girls with their friends from our ward, Ryan-Superman and Ryder-cowboy.

Now, there were some pretty cute costumes at the Trunk or Treat on Thursday...Here are just a few of some that I was able to get pictures of...

Some of our favorite people from our ward, Morgan and Jeff Gunter. They are awesome. They watch our kids for us a ton and we also get to hang out alot together.

Abby and Ryan Bell with their little golf ball Harper. She is a doll! She is nine days older than Cambrie.They looked really good too....
Part of our second family, Aaron and Vivian Burrup, lil gangsters. I love that Aaron had tatooed on one arm Vivian and on the other arm Kim....whats up Eminem?!Rhett and Whitney Ricks were BamBam and Pebbles...They are holding little Ellie and Lexi...
And of course, my favorite couple of the night, Rhett and Taryn Warren. They were hilarious...Rhett did not break character once the entire night....

I love Taryn's booty in this one...so funny

And of course the two together! Rhett's butt is sagging, seriously, they were so funny, they definetly win the award...

Here are a couple other really good costumes as well..

This is a video of Brad Burton bobbing for apples at the Trunk or Treat...It is really funny and surprising!

Then on Halloween, the girls went Trick-or-Treating with their friends Ryan and Ryder. Tacey was there for just a bit too.

It was a little chaotic to me, but still fun-Gabbie kept pulling this one sucker out of her bucket and was wanting to eat it. She would just drop her bucket, leave it on the ground and come up to me and try to get me to open it.

Rhett and Princess Tacey..

Then Shanell and John John came over. It was cool because they didn't know that both of them were dressing up as people from Grease, or was it Greece! (It took me a second to get their joke)

So pretty!

The girls were pretty tired after treating that night.