Might just about loose it....:)

So, Will left on Thursday and will be gone for two weeks to Texas. He is working for his dad and has been for this past semester. Since he has been gone, I have had the house pretty under control and almost clean. But, Sundays are really hard-getting the kids ready, snacks and the Sunday bag, myself ready...and trying to be on time.

Church actually wasn't even bad once I got there. The girls were pretty well behaved, Cambrie slept or kept quiet the whole sacrament meeting. We sat by ourselves, I was so proud of them! I think they did good in nursery too, they normally do. The only complaint that I ever hear about them is that the boys in nursery kind of beat up on them. :( Oh well, they can defend themselves, they are just trying to be ladies!

Some things that have happened since Will left:

I ask people if I can take their kid and bring them to make my life easier. Sometimes more is better. This is G & K's friend Ryder. He came over to play and while he was here I was able to mop the floor, vaccuum, do the dishes, and clean my room! Amazing! Kensie and Gabbie decided they wanted to put makeup on themselves. I think they did a great job. What do you think?
Cambrie is officially in 6 month old clothes! Well, at least a couple of outfits! You grow girl!

Gabbie and Kensie learned to share Cambrie's toys with her. They say "Mom, look, I sharing wiif Cambie!" (These photos are not posed, they just crawled in there with her...precious)


The Burrups said...

those pics are so cute jess! i looked at them with carter and he said "friendssss!" "more friends!" we are so excited to dee you guys in two weeks you have no idea! we are going to have so much fun! You are a brave woman to have the three kids by yourself for that long! i don't think i could do that without crying every other day!

Anonymous said...

That make up job... looks like you did it! haha just kidding!!!!! we love you guys!

Cassie said...

So Cute! Let me know if you need any help!

Brown Family said...

OH THEY ARE SO DANG CUTE! Wish you all lived closer! :( Love ya!

TaNelle said...

Let me know if I can take the twins. Kaeson would love it.

Taralynn said...

I love your reaction to Gabbys makeup job. Good attitude. I find it is easier having one more around at times too. It keeps the little ones occupied so I can get a few things done!!