Dad visit to Idaho

My dad came and visited Idaho in mid November. We had so much fun! It was such a good visit and I am so glad that he came. It seems like we were really able to bond...probably more than we have ever bonded before. Here are some things that we did:

We went and visited Mesa Falls. It was gorgeous, even though my dad was cold the whole time. He was a good sport.

Gabbie and grandpa...
Gabbie love being with her grandpa. She was holding his hand and then wanted me to hold her other hand, and she started swinging herself!
Cambrie was asleep the whole trip to Mesa Falls.

The fam minus Camo

Another thing that we did was go to Big Juds. This is their famous 1 lb hamburger. I have eaten a whole one by myself twice in my life. Pretty impressive.

When he was here we also played games and hung out with John John and Shanell. Will, when he was in town, would take my dad to McDonalds and get a coffee for him. Will is so cute and thoughtful, just had to throw that one in there!
Love you dad! thanks for visiting


Kelcie & Devon said...

You've eaten two whole big juds? Wow Jessica, I am impressed! I haven't attempted to eat one yet, but I have seen it done.

Anonymous said...

Was that Grandpa w/ you? I posted new things on my blog.--Jeremiah