HaLLowEen and other things

For halloween, I made the twins costumes... Kensie was a cupcake. I saw pics on Potterybarn website and thought I could make it...but a little cuter. I think that I succedd.:) Gabbie wanted to be a pink puppy...hers took literally like 20 minutes, but Kensies took all day. Camo wasn't really anything, she stayed home while we went out to the neighborhood trick or treating.
Here are the twinners with their cousin Hannah the bumble bee.

On a mission

And some more random pics. We woke up one morning to over 30 plastic pink flamingos in the yard, so we took some pics. Kensie was not cooperating.
This picture sums up our lives at this point in time=Camo is a force. She is so strong! She really overpowers the girls at times.
She is getting big...and finally enough hair to clip back.


Anonymous said...

does halloween come early there? haha.

HayHay said...

Wow! I want to see those girls in real life! You little Martha Stewart... sewing there costumes! They are adorable. Kam and I are so excited for the little BOY coming! That is so awesome!

Veronica said...

great job on their costumes!! They look so cute:) And congrats on the BOY! That'll be really fun:)

JustLivingMYLife said...

wow i can not believe how big your girls are getting!!! and their costumes are stinkin adorable!!!

Cassie said...

Do Texans celebrate Halloween early?! The girls look adorable!

The Newlyweds said...

LOVE the cupcake! Thats so fun! The pink puppy was too cute. You are so creative. Teach me your ways lol.

Jason and Bria said...

Cute that is so exciting that you guys are having a little boy! Congrats!