Black Tie Wedding...playing dress up

It is offical, I am terrible at blogging, I know. But, I am going to keep rollin along. Here is pics from the weekend. We had so much fun. The girls had dresses custon made so they could be flower girls at a friend's wedding. They were gorgeous!
The girls with Sophia, the third flower girl at the rehersal.
With the mama.
Ana Maria made a beautiful bride.

With Julia, Sophia's mom! Front view of my dress.


Aaron ♥ Vivian said...

yayy a post! we miss you stinkers! lol. you all look so beautiful! the girls have grown so much and are soo cute and you and will looked so nice! i love your dress jess! its beautiful and modest! love love! miss you guys!

Bonnie said...

Beautiful! The dress was definitely worth the search. You all look amazing.

Leslie said...

I know this post is old and I probably already commented on the pictures you put on facebook but I was just popping in to see if you had posted anything new....shame shame!! :) JK! You looked beautiful in your dress and the wedding looks like a good time! Love and miss you all!

Anonymous said...

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