FHE with Clint and Tanell

For FHE a couple of weeks ago, we made scarecrows with Clint and Tanell, some friends from our ward. It was a lot of fun. Tanell and I made the scarecrows while Clint and Will watched our new babies, Ellie and Cambrie, and the toddlers all played together, Cason, Gabbie and Kensie.

Our camera batteries died, so we were only able to get two pics, but Tanell took more so I will get more pics from her.


Samantha said...

What a fun idea!

The Burrups said...

that is so cute! i want to see the finished project! hey we should do a craft together at thanksgiving!

Leslie said...

Congratulations to Tanelle and Clint, and what a cute idea for FHE.