Bath Towels

Just a quick thing, I went to my neighbors enrichment super saturday and was able to make some hooded towels for the girls for bathtime.

Kenise and Gabbie love them! The towels are so soft and so big! We have been using these hooded towels from Walmart, but something enevitably is always hanging out, a rear end, or chest or something.

Cambrie is wondering where her towel is?


Veronica said...

What a good idea:) I've been using the small infant ones and they just are too small now.

Thanks for your support jess. It's been difficult, but I know he's happy and she is the one for him. How's your family doing? How's phil?

The Burrups said...

cute towels jess! i miss doing crafts with you!

Leslie said...

Adorable again! These hooded towels are SO NICE. I got one as a gift for Gracie and then when Barrett came along I made him one of his own. They are TOTALLY AWESOMER than the ones they make for babies because they are so big and thick.