Girls will be girls

Just hangin out in mom and dad's bed
Here is a video of Cambrie doing Simba. She is so cute. At first, she would start to cry when Rhett would stop doing it. At the end she just would cry no matter what.


Breanne BUsh said...

poor thing! i can't believe she can keep her legs so straight! jess... or should i say super mom... i don't know how you find the time to do everything you do! the towells are way cool, love the closet and your girls are cute as can be!

The Burrups said...

that is crazy! she is so brave to let him do that. your girls are so big and so gorgeous! we are so excited to see YALL!LOL! I love your background. i almost changed mine to that. i have the same turkey though! see you in 3 weeks!luv ya guys!