Jer and Tara visit the Burg

My brother Jeremy and his wife Taralynn came to Rexburg and stayed with us for a couple of days. It was so fun because I hardly ever get to see my family and when I do get to see them, so it is normally in Kentucky when I do. It was nice having them come and stay in our home and feed them. Tara and I went out one day and got a pedicure too! That was a nice break!

Here they are driving away...we miss you already!


The Burrups said...

jess you look so pretty in those pics! that must have been so fun to see your brother and sister in law!

Jeremiah said...


How are you doing? I posted new items and other stuff on on my blog. I hope you check it ouut sometime.

HayHay said...

How fun to have family come and visit. We are looking forward to that day now that we live far away! Cambrie has gotten so big already. She is beautiful! Gabbie and Kensie are big and adorable also. I miss you. I hope things are going well. You guys are amazing.