Here are some of the projects that I have been doing lately-well, the tables and pillows I did when I was 9 months pregnant, and the FHE chart just this week. I have more projects that I am doing right now and will post them when they are done.

Our old neighbors and really good friends ,Jen and Landon Burrup, gave us this table as kind of a going away present...and I had three other tables that kind of match this one, so i sanded, restained, painted, distressed and restained again this. These are just pics of one of them, my favorite. I love how they turned out.

I made the plaid and floral pillows for our couch.

I have been wanting to do this FHE chart forever! And I finally got it done this week-I am so excited and thrilled about how this turned out too.


Cassie said...

I love the FHE chart! So Cute!

Veronica said...

love the FHE board!!! It looks super good:)

Samantha said...

It's good to know that you are so crafty. I'll remember that when we are discussing possible R.S. activities. haha.

Adam said...

Hey Jess! It is so good to hear from you! We are in Desoto, TX. When are you moving down? I would love to get together! I miss seeing you guys! Hey, where did you get the tags for your fhe board? I have been looking for something like that forever. It kinda stinks not having the mormon stores anymore!

The Burrups said...

jess i didn't even see this post until today i just thought that i would look at your blog and i scrolled down and saw i has missed two posts. The tables llok so cute! The one we gave you looks so much better the way you did it. The pillows turned out so cute too. I want that family home evening board! i just don't know where to get the stuff for it out here.