We were taking care of our neighbor's garden last week and took some pics of the girls. They are just getting so big, I can't believe it.

It looks like they are hugging and having a great time in this pic but they are really fighting. I think Gabbie started to bite Kensie right after this pic.

Look at my stud! And beautiful Cambrie-she is getting so big too!

Kensie, hiding from mommy. She told me today, "Mom, I'm bored..." I am thinking how do you even know what bored means. She will also tell me when she is scared. Also, we were getting ready to go to a friends house today and I told the girls to go to the door and we would leave. Kensie says, "Momma, which door?" She is so smart!


The Burrups said...

i can't believe how smart kensie is! that is so cute! she has grown so much since we moved!love ya guys!