Thanksgiving Post-finally!

Cute Couple-Landon and Jen Burrup! AWWW!

Well, Will is still gone and will be till the 18th. It has been a little crazy trying to get things done. I did want to hurry and get this post done so that I can cross this off of my list. So, I will tell you about our family's Thanksgiving.

It was so fun! We went down to Payson-Lehi area of Utah and spent the holiday with Jen and Landon Burrup and their family. It was really sweet of all of them to let us stay and eat their food and sleep over at their houses. The first couple of days, we stayed with Ashley and Darren's house.

The first night we got there, Cambrie was acting hungry, like my milk wasn't enough anymore. So, we bought some food and fed her solids for the first time. She ate the cereal like a champ! We were so proud! What a relief to have a child who eats well!

The next day we went over to Stacy and Justin's house and started figuring out Thanksgiving a bit. Justin and Stacy made dinner that night too-which was awesome! I especially loved the bread.MMMM!

Thanksgiving was so fun. We made leaves and stuck them on this branch that looked like a mini tree-all Jen's idea. Then, during Thanksgiving dinner, we all wrote on a leaf what we were thankful for. I wrote that I am thankful for my kids health.

Then we made place cards for everyone and also little turkey hats for the kiddos. My kids wouldn't wear their hats for long.

After the wonderful dinner, the kids went into the other room and played with the Black Friday ads! Kids are great, they had so much fun!

Gabbie and Kensie were so attached to that little dog, it is going to be so fun on Christmas when they opent their presents and see that we got them a little toy dog.

I was really sick that night. I had the worst gassy belly pains ever. I had to get a blessing because they hurt so bad. I was really nauseas too. In the morning, I was a little bit better.

The next day, Will left to go back to Texas. :( Then all the girls went shopping some black friday sales. We also shopped the next day as well and the guys were nice enough to watch all the kiddos. When we got back to the house, they had fallen asleep and all of the kids were being angels, just sitting so sweetly on the couch!

Just kidding, I made the guys pose like they were sleeping.

The weekend was so fun! Thank you to all the Burrups-it was a wonderful time! PS-the girls' miss Carter and Bree already! Love ya'll