Kensie...one word, drama. She is so fun but pretty much everything she does is drama. She fake laughs-it is hilarious! at dinner a couple of weeks ago, she starts fake laughing like crazy. everyone at the dinner table was laughing so hard. all of a sudden, will stops laughing and kensie instantly turns her head to Will, and has the most serious look on her face and says, "is that not funny?" lol.

we went to the rodeo the other day and i said to kensie "do you want to dress up like a cowgirl, and her reply "um, maybe a princess..."

When she is crying, if i am not paying enough attention to her, she lets me know by saying, "mama, i crying!"

she knows exactly what she wants and what color she wants it. And when she is making her mind up abut something she says, "um, a, um, a ummmm....that one."

She is so motherly with gabbie and cambrie,she will almost instantly get up andstart helping out if cambrie is crying.

She loves having friends, she wants everyone to be her friend. We went to the library on friday for reading time and pointed to a table that had random people that we had never met before and said she wanted to go sit with her friends. so cute.


Bethany Rice said...

We miss you guys so much. Ryan misses the girls and as of about a week ago has stopped asking for them. I think he finally realizes that they are gone. I hope things are going good with you. Sorry I haven't called or anything, but things are a little crazy right now.

Veronica said...

I love their hair!!! I mean it:) They look adorable with little braids in!