To sum Gabbie up in one word....fireball. She is full of energy, her laugh is contagious. she runs like a little rag doll, flopping around everywhere. she loves chewing bubble gum. shes her daddy. Her smile is precious. She loves horses and calls them "forces." she loves Kensie and calls her "tintinton."(Kensington). She walks around on her tiptoes, saying in a very weird voice, "daddy, daddy"-it is hilarious. She had never met a stranger. she will walk up to just about everyone and say hello and want them to hold her and play with her.

Gabatron, one of her many nicknames....if she is in a bad mood, if you call her Gabbie, she will say, "i not gabbie, i gabatron!" it is so funny. she will also tell you not to do alot of things when she is grumpy, "mom, don't push me...don't say oh really....that not funny mom," the list goes on and on.

She likes carrying her purse around. She gets into Nonnie's makeup about once a day. Gabbie and Kensie both take about an hour to two hours trying to fall asleep for nap right now, it is a little insane. they will climb on eachothers beds and try to sleep together, which never happens, they just end up talking and getting out of control or biting, clawing and scrating the life out of each other.

If gabbie is doing something that she shouldn't be doing, all i have to say to her is, "Gabbie, Jesus is so sad when you do that." She almost immediately will stop doing the undesired behavior. What a little angel. She is so wonderful.


The Burrups said...

those are the cutest pictures of gabbie! She is growing up so fast and looks so pretty! I am jealous of your girls long hair! i just wish that breezy's mullet would grow so i can atleast put pig tails on top or something. We miss you guys like crazy and haven't found anyone that even compares to you guys out here. Our Night life is definatley different! we love you and miss you guys!

Allen Family said...

I miss you guys so much. I love your little girls.

Jeremiah said...

I like the nickname "Gabatron".