Livin life in the fast lane

Well first off, I want to say that having three children is crazy! It is a lot of work, really good work but still very hard work. So much has gone on in the last month, I will try to make this entry short.

Last weekend we went to the Madision High School Homecoming game. Gabbie's eyes were glued to the field. She loves watching sports, well at least basketball and football. Kensie just kind of wanted to climb the stairs.
Gayle McCampbell-Gabbie's occupational therapist-came for her last visit. The girls love her and miss her already. Come back and visit us again soon Gayle! We love you.
Gabbie is so energetic and excited all the time. She just glows every where she goes. She is so much fun. She has such a sparkly personality.
I have put the girls' hair in rollers a couple of times just for fun. They look so old in them, it is crazy how fast they grow.

Cambrie is so strong. She can hold her head up off the ground for so long. And she rolls over from her stomach to her back all the time, like 8-9 times a day. She has been doing this since she was about 2 weeks old. She is just beautiful and puts up with a lot...like Kensie pulling her off the couch in headlock and taking her over to her daddy.

We started a tradition too! We are going to have pizza night every Friday so that I get a break once a week from cooking.

Will blessed Cambrie the first week in September and my bestfriend Jessica Beck came to visit. It was awesome seeing them. We went to her mom's house sunday evening and had dinner with them. Gabbie and Kensie played outside with Jess's family's cat.

Gabbie and Kensie love their new baby sister. They are pushing her around in their baby stroller! So hilarious. Our friend's Bryce and Sierra Hannibal moved to Colorado last month as well, so they came over to say goodbye. They are so cute. Our kids loved playing with them.

Kensie, we are finding out more and more is just a little mother. She will tell me when Cambrie wants to eat and that shen wants to eat mommy's milk. here she is trying to nurse Cambrie. Gabbie just loves it when Cambrie sucks on her. She will say "mom, Cambie suck face..." and waits for her to start nussling around.

I have a lot of other pics but uploading them takes forever, so I will have to make a slide show or something.


The Burrups said...

kensie is so funny! i can't believe she tries to nurse cambrie! when i saw that i about died laughing! your kids are way too cute!love ya!

Brown Family said...

Oh the girls are so cute! They are looking more and more like each other. There were some pictures that I couldn't tell them who was who. Cambrie sis getting so big! I am happy for your One Night A Week Pizza. What a help! Glad you finally updated the blog. I forgot what you all looked like. I am still mad you all are moving to Texas. ;)