Sunday was Jessica Beck's baby Natalie's blessing. Afterwards, we went to her sister's house and had a big potluck. There were like 32 people there (big family). Then we went and played outside. The neighbors have minature horses and they were nice enough to saddle one up and let the girls and some of the other kids ride on them it was so fun! Kensie, Gabbie, Will and Jess-I look like I am about to pop!
Kensie didn't really like riding all that much. Right after she got off the pony, she went and played on the trampoline.

Will with Jeff, Nathan, Amy and Hannah
There are the little ponies. Aren't they so cute!
Gabbie-a cowgirl at heart. Look how big she is getting!
When it was time for Gabbie to get off, She puckered her bottom lip out, stomped her foot and started crying so bad. She wanted to keep riding.


Aly said...

oh my gosh! How freaking cute! :) That is adorable! You are getting so big! When are due again? I can't believe you are going to be a mother of 3 soon! Wow! Congrats!

By the way... I am having a baby shower...it will be on July 12th. SO...it's a little ways away, but just thought I would give you a heads up! :)

Brown Family said...

Love the pics! Gabby does look so big! Oh my gosh I haven't wished them happy b-day yet! It has been crazy here! Give them a kiss and hug for me. I will call later! Love the pictures!

Ash said...

Your girls are getting so big.. I can't believe it! I am anxiously awaiting the 5th? How about you? Except you look great, notice I don't even post pictures of myself cause I seriously look like I am having twins. Are you sad Jen and Landon moved or what?