Time is flying by...

This month seems like it has gone by so fast. We have had so much go on. First, Skylar and John came to visit, which was so fun. While they were here we took the girls swimming for the first time-they loved it! They loved splashing the water and getting themselves wet. We had a couple picnics and the girls are actually scared to get onto the grass, they do not like the feel of it or the fact that it is not something solid that they can stand on. We miss Skylar and John, but can't wait to see them in August.

Will and I are getting ready for my brother Phillip to come to Idaho and live. Will is going to go pick him up tomorrow and they are driving back this weekend. It will be a fun adventure for everyone involved. I will miss Will and will be excited for his return.

The girls turn one year old next month, and can't wait to throw a party for them! It will be so fun to socialize and I am sure that we will have a ball.