friends visit

The month of January brought many visitors-well two-Josiah Jones and Stephanie Lusardi. We had so much fun with them, it was nice to show them around Idaho. Josiah really loved the mountains and all the activities that they ventured into, like snowmobiling, sking, airboarding, snowshoeing...and the list goes on. He was such a big help to me, trying to keep Will in line! :)

It was so much fun getting to know
Stephanie. She is just a doll and a joy
to have around. She loved coming home and rehearsing to us all the "eventful" trips that Josiah and her went on that day. Two weeks sure did fly by, and we miss them so much!

Will, Steph and Josiah went four wheeling to the top of the "R" mountain. This is the view from the top-isn't it gorgeous!